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Friends of Wildlife
PO Box 1505
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Animal Hotline

Have You Found an Injured
or Orphaned Animal?

Call the species number below for advice and assistance:


Rehabilitator's Information Line

Deer734-548 3131
Fox734-548 3132
Opossum734-548 3130
Rabbit734-548 3126
Raccoon734-548 3128
Raptor419-346 7079
Squirrel734-548 3127
Woodchuck734-548 3129

Non-emergency Questions
(Please do not email us with emergency questions. Call the proper phone number above to get emergency help!)

Other Helpful Phone Numbers
Bird Center: 734-761 9640
Humane Society: 734-662 5585
Bat Rehab: 248-645 3232
Coyote Rehab: 248-672 9615
Waterfowl Rehab: 734-482 8187

Contact Us

If you have found an injured or orphaned animal or if you need advice:

Please call the appropriate Animal Hotline number for your animal species (see box on the right).

Please be patient: all our volunteers are very busy. They will return your call as soon as possible.

Only licensed wildlife rehabilitators may legally care for Michigan wildlife.

  • Please do not try to care for injured or orphaned animals unless you have the proper training!
  • Do what is best for the animal, place it in the care of an experienced wildlife rehabilitator.

If you live outside of Michigan and you need to find a wildlife rehabilitator:

Contact your local Humane Society or Department of Natural Resources for assistance.

If you have a question about our organization, donating or volunteering, please feel free to email us: